14 Healthy Snack Recipes Collection

Healthy Snack Recipes Collection

How to prepare healthy snack which is at the same time is very tasty? It is no doubt a tough job indeed. To prepare healthy tasty delicious snacks is a challenge for you. But if you want to stay healthy you should go for healthy snacks.

Here Are The 14 Healthy Snack Recipes Collection:

Brown Bread Sandwich:

Brown bread sandwich is a great option as a healthy snack as brown bread itself is very good for your health. Brown bread is better than ordinary bread which is made of all purpose flour. Make the stuffing with seasonal fresh vegetables. Vegetables when they are fresh are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Add tomatoes and fresh lettuce for garnish the sandwich.

Brown bread Sandwich

Vegetable Soup:

Vegetable soup is also another good choice for healthy snack. Vegetable soups are easy to prepare and comes with the goodness of vegetables. Prepare this soup with all available seasonal veggies and enjoy when it is hot with a garnisheeing of fresh cream.

Vegetable Soup

Home Made Pudding:

Do you ever try home made pudding as a snack? Pudding is a very good food that can be considered as your evening snack. Pudding comes with the goodness of milk and egg which makes you healthy. Try to use fruits in your pudding as it will make your snack healthier.

Home made pudding

Homemade Whole Grain Bread:

Try homemade whole grain bread for your evening snack. Apply some mixed fruit jam on it and take a bite of it. Oh! It is just awesome. Or you may pour your favorite curry on it and make a roll to eat it.

Homemade whole grain bread

Fruit Salad:

Fruits are the store houses of vitamins and minerals which is very good for our health. Try fruit salads as a snack which will fulfill your hunger and gives you proper nutrition. Use seasonal fruits for this dish which are easily available in market. Add honey or lemon juice according to your choice with them to make it tasty and yummy.

Fruit salad

Homemade Stuffed Bread:

Homemade Stuffed Bread is a good option of healthy and tasty snack. Make filling with different seasonal vegetables and use it as a stuffing in the bread. It is very healthy as it contains vegetables with the flour and can be considered for your snack. Use whole grain flour or multi grain flour to make the bread to make it healthier.

Homemade Stuffed Bread

Homemade Sprout Burger:

Eat Homemade Sprout burger instead of a one that you buy from any shop. As it is homemade it does not contain any artificial things or preservatives so it is no doubt very healthy. Moreover the sprouts filling give you the proper nutrition as it is a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Homemade Sprout Burger

Homemade Pizza:

Homemade Pizza is also very good snack that you can try it. Make the spread with the veggies of your choice or you may be a little creative by using fruits to make the topping. Just make it and enjoy this evening.

Homemade Pizza

Healthy Fruit Custard:

Go for healthy fruit custard as a snack. Fruits are really power packed with lots of vitamins and minerals. On the other hand milk is great source of proteins and calcium which is important for bone health of our body. When both of them come together it is just great and also very “YUMMY”.

Healthy Fruit Custard

Vegetable Pancake:

Make a batter with all purpose flour and milk or water. You may add semolina in to the batter to make it healthier. Now add some chopped and boiled vegetables with it. Make pancakes with this batter. It is now ready to serve. Don’t forget to add salt and black pepper powder in to the batter. Vegetable pancakes are great in taste and is very healthy. Try to use green vegetables in it as they are very much healthy and gives your pancakes a good looks also.

Vegetable Pancake

Steamed Momo:

Try steamed momo with vegetable or chicken stuffing of your choice. As it is steamed it is no doubt a healthy snack. Try it today!

Steamed Momo

Whole Grain Noodles:

Whole Grain Noodles are now available in market. Buy a pack of it and try it as a healthy snack option. You may add chicken or vegetables or egg with the noodles to make it healthier.

Whole Grain Noodles

Vegetable Pasta:

Vegetable Pasta is also a good example of healthy snack which is at the same time very tasty and healthy. Use colorful veggies to give your dish a great look and delicious taste.

Vegetable Pasta

Baked Fish Finger:

Do you have tried baked fish fingers ever? If not then try it now. It is very easy to prepare which is same as normal fish finger and it just uses less oil to make it healthy. Fish are important for your health as it contains Omega 3 fatty acids which is proved healthy ingredients for our body.

Baked Fish Finger