5 Top Decorative Terra Cotta Crafts To Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

5 Top Decorative Terra Cotta Crafts To Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

5 Top Decorative Terra Cotta Crafts To Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

Terra Cotta crafts are excellent idea to decorate your outdoor spaces. At the same time they are less costly in comparison to the other show pieces i.e. they are comparatively cheap equipments than the other things. They are also eco friendly too as they are made out of clay. Try to use decorative terra cotta crafts to make your outdoor space more beautiful. These terra cotta decorative items are mainly made with clay. After making these items are first sun dried and then it is burnt in to fire to give it permanency and making it hard. After that a polish is made on it and a varnish coating is applied to make it water proof. Terra Cotta items are mainly originated from West Bengal a state of India which is a country of South Asian sub continent. But now a day these items got famous in the whole world and have a great demand among the people. Te maintenance of decorative terra cotta items is really very easy. Just wipe the show piece with dry soft cotton
cloth to clean the dust over it and it is done.

5 Top Decorative Terra Cotta Crafts To Beautify Your Outdoor Spaces

Beautiful Terra Cotta Flower Vases:

Try beautiful terra cotta flower vases to beautify your outdoor place to welcome your guests. You always have used
flower vases made with glass or ceramic or some conventional items. Try something new like terra cotta.
Terra cotta flower vases are very easy to maintain. Although they are quite a heavy when filled with water but it
really looks nice when decorated with flower.

Beautiful Terracotta Flower Vases
If the polish is destroyed with water or have get white spots on places just make sure that pot became dry first.
Then wipe it with soft cotton cloth and apply a coating of polish on it. Also give a coating of varnish to make it
water proof.

Terra Cotta Horses:

Terra Cotta horses are very famous and well known decorative items that can be easily used for decorating your
outdoor spaces. Basically these showpieces are light weight as they are not solid. It contains fine crafts on it
made with clay.

Terracotta Horses
Usually it came with varnish polish which gave it a shiny look. This decorative item is divided in to several
parts and the parts can be easily detached when you want especially at the time of cleaning.

Terra Cotta Decorative Pots:

Terra Cotta decorative pots are ideal for placing the plants. You can place indoor as well as outdoor plants in
it. These types of pots are available in different shapes and sizes. These pots came with fine craft work of clay
on it. The prices also depend upon their sizes and the craft work on it.

Terracotta decorative pots

Amazing Terra Cotta Tiles:

Decorate your outdoor places with decorative terra cotta tiles. Fix these tiles in the walls or pillars to make
them beautiful.

Amazing Terra Cotta tiles
These tiles are easily available in market in different shapes and sizes. Choice among one of them according to
your budget to make your area beautiful.

Great Ash Trays Made With Terra Cotta:

Do you ever try the ash trays made with terra cotta? Obviously not. But you must have to try this. They come with
different shapes and sizes. Also they are decorated with clay work on it.
Place it on the center table in your out door spaces. If you do not need ash trays just use it like the other show

Great Ash trays made with Terra Cotta