7 Easy Steps To Diy Votive Candle Holder



Birthdays, wedding, party, date or any occasion; nothing set up your mood like candle light. And for candle light, you might have been brought so many different kinds of candles and candle holders. but, the uniqueness is if you create them with your own skills so here is a tutorial on how to create a votive candle holder and that too durable and strong and stylish.

List Of 7 Easy Steps To Diy Votive Candle Holder


Disposable paper glass, cement, water, a small cup, petroleum jelly, ice cream stick and some 3d design papers.


Choose A 3D paper

Take a paper disposable glass and on its inside surface stick the 3d design paper. Try to choose the 3d design paper with a good design apply petroleum jelly on the 3d design paper.


Make A Paste Of Cement

Take some cement according to the size of the paper glass and mix the cement and water in a separate bowl with the help of ice cream stick. Do not add too much water keep the paste little thick.


Put A Small Cup In Disposal Glass

Take the small cup and keep it in the centre of the disposable glass and then fill the small cup with some weight maybe if you have metal balls, nut bolts or anything which is heavy and fits the metal cup, then apply the petroleum jelly outside the surface of the little cup too.


Fill The Cement Paste Inside The Disposal

Take the cement paste and with the help of ice cream stick, fill it in paper disposable around the little cup with ice cream stick and make the paste’s above surface even so that it has a smooth surface. Allow it to settle for a day.

cement paste

Get Your Perfect Votive Candle Holder

Tear the plastic disposable and you will find the perfect votive made from cement remove the little cup from its inside surface carefully. You can then keep it under water for few days or you can use it directly its surface shall have the same design as the applied 3d design paper.


Set Tea Light Inside

Insert a tea light inside it and you are done making with your votive candleholder. You can color it with different colors but it looks best in its natural look.


Also there are many other ways to make it attractive if you don’t find a suitable design just make it and stick glass beads o its outer surface.