8 Diy Wire Hand Crafts You Should Try Making

hand craft

hand craft

Have you ever thought of making lovely and exciting things using wire? Yes wires can be an easy and inexpensive craft item which would make brilliant pieces of crafts with minimal skills. You will be thrilled to know how interesting these fashionable items look. It gives your child an enjoyable indoor activity that makes them busy and creative.

 In This Article We Will Share With You Eight Creative And Useful Wire Crafts

Elegant Memory Keeper

This is a cute craft made using wires. You can collect and keep your memories in the form of tickets, photos, letters etc. in it and open them when you feel like!!


DIY Rain Chain

Rain Chain is also a wonderful idea that can easily be made using wires. This rain chain looks a lot more special than an ordinary tube made up of plastic and helps you enjoy the way rain water runs off this chainduring wet days.

rain chain

Snap Holders

Snap holders with exciting snaps are indeed a best way to gift your friends on their special occasions. This can be remembrance of the happiest and trying times you shared with them. This beautiful snap holder made with wires also makes an excellent decorative show piece.


Jewellery Holder

Jewelleries are loved by everyone. Whether it is an imitation jewellery or real jewellery we all have varieties of jewellery items in our house. For this we require a rich and classy jewellery holder to hold different types of jewelleries like pendant, necklace, earrings, rings etc. easily and safely. This fabulous jewellery holder looks awesome to match up with your fashionable ornaments. These stylish pieces become the centre of attraction and make one drive crazy. Their convenience and captivating design are truly worth making it!!


Hanging Chandelier

If you are keeping an evening party at your home and wish to impress your guests then hanging chandelier will make the work easy for you!! This stunning chandelier is simple to create and acts as a marvellous way to accentuate the beauty of your home.

Hanging bat chandelier

Mesmerising Hearts

Valentine season is nearing and you want to decorate your room to make it feel lovable and romatic then try making these lovely hearts which is sure to take your loved one’s heart away!! This idea is not only unique but also makes it memorable.Girls would surely like making these hearts to decorate the walls of the room for celebration of birthdays, anniversaries etc. It is also a great gifting idea to give your friends a beautiful surprise.


Snowy Clouds

If you are hosting a winter theme party in your house then snowy clouds hanging on the walls will look simply mind blowing!!With these attractive clouds you are sure to stand out from the crowd.


Lovely Bookmark

This has been noticed that many of the kids don’t love reading and studying. Also, if you have the problem of forgetting to make note of the page you were reading before then these beautiful bookmarks made out of wires helps you!! This can be good craft project for your little ones and stays in best form for many years.


So you can make several different decorative items and showcases to make your home look fabulous and catchy. From jewellery pieces, home decor items to beautiful gifts you can make durable master pieces from it. Try any one of these mentioned above and bring smiles on faces of everyone!!